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Понад 47 років досвіду в підготовці висококваліфікованих фахівців в області прикладної математики та інформатики.

Кафедри →

Факультет складається з 9 кафедр, де працює 100 викладачів (31 професор, 50 доцентів, 19 асистентів).

Сторінка абітурієнта →

Тут Ви знайдете багато корисної інформації, зокрема завдання олімпіади та багато цікавих задач з математики та інформатики.

Навчання на ОКР "Бакалавр"  →

Тут Ви знайдете інформацію про вступ та навчання на ОКР "Бакалавр".

Навчання на ОКР "Магістр"  →

Тут Ви знанйдете інформацію про вступ та навчання на ОКР "Магістр.

Наукові конференції →

Перелік наукових конференцій, що організовуються та проводяться на факультеті.

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Перелік наукових семінарів, що працюють на факультеті.

Електронна бібліотека →

Архів підручників, монографій, методичних вказівок та матеріали навчальних курсів, які викладаються на факультеті.
We are glad to congratulate Mykyta Kartavov and Nataliia Polishchuk, 1st year students of Master program at Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics with a victory in the Ukrainian national-wide competition of student scientific works in specialties "Informatics and Cybernetics", organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and held in Sumy State University. Expert jury recognized two our students of Theory and Technology of Programming Department as the best in Applied Computer Science in the 2016-2017 years. So, Nataliia Polishchuk and Mykyta Kartavov are officially in the top-20 students of Informatics and Cybernetics in Ukraine now!
We are happy for our graduate students’ achievements and wish them continued success!
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  • Welcome to participate at the conference!
    Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics in cooperation with Mukachevo State University holds the XXIX International Conference "Problems of Decision Making under Uncertainties» (PDMU-2017) on May 10 – 13, 2017 (Mukachevo).
    Abstracts are accepted until April 1, 2017.
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  • Attention!
    First stage of The ACM-ICPC Ukrainian Collegiate Programming Contest will hold at the Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics on March 25, 2017.
    Beginning at 9:00 in room 204.

    Registration deadline was extended to March, 23.
    Programming languages of the contest are C/C ++, Java, Pascal, monoC# and Python.
    A trial contest will hold on March, 23 from 15.00 to 18.00.

    Data Science Hackathon!
    Data Science Hackathon: «eHealth + eData(eGov)» will be held on 10th of December at the Faculty, "Chitalka" (room 25).

    The topics of interest are:

    • eHealth - personal health analysis through cardiovascular system monitoring using wearable devices with sensors to detect problems intime and forecast the future health state
    • eData (eGov) - open state data sources analysis using Data Mining methods aimed to reveal new non-trivial and important information like dependencies and associations etc.
    • The organizers:

      • ACM Ukrainian Chapter
      • Theory and Technology of Programming Department
      • Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics

    Big Data & its Challenges
    On Thursday, 15th of September 2016, at 2:30 PM Karl Edwards, Consulting Manager at the Strategy Consulting Division of Ericsson, USA (inCode) will hold the public talk on "Big Data & its Challenges" (in English).
    Organizers of the event are ACM Ukrainian Chapter and TTP
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    ACM ICPC final
    ACM ICPC final also known as "battle of brains" sponsored by IBM is currently taking place in Thailand https://icpc.baylor.edu/The competition itself will take place on May 19. Our university https://icpc.baylor.edu/worldfinals/teamsmade their way to the final - this was a very tough challenge as 13,000 teams from over 2000 universities from 102 countries took part in regional competitions while only 128 best team will be competing in the final this Thursday.
    The ICPC live will be available at http://icpclive.com/ it will be possible to see competition on-line
    Team name: Flawless
    · Vitalii Bondarenko, Coach
    · Mykhailo Chornyi, Contestant
    · Roman Furko, Contestant
    · Dmytro Ihnatenko, Contestant
    IBM and the Faculty of Cybernetics awarded the talented students with IBM Academic Certificates
    On Friday 22.01.2016 Oleksander Danko, University and Government Relations Coordinator at IBM Ukraine, and Olena Kashpur, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Cybernetics, in the presence of teachers and students, awarded IBM Academic Certificates to the following students: Sergii Ziborov, Mykyta Kartavov, Maksym Penderuk and Nataliya Polishchuk, who worked with Taras Panchenko, Associate Professor at Theory and Technology of Programming Department and IBM Academic Initiative Representative at the faculty. More details...
    The Project TEMPUS «INARM»: INFORMATICS AND MANAGEMENT: BOLOGNA-STYLE QUALIFICATIONS FRAMEWORKS” is over. One of the consortium partners was Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. The specific objectives aim to: establish a platform for stakeholder active collaboration for identifying qualification requirements for bachelor and master students in the fields of informatics and management; develop sectorial qualifications frameworks (SQF) in the fields of informatics and management drawing on the National Qualifications Frameworks of the target countries and European Qualifications Framework.
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