Department of Complex Systems Modelling

Research Interests:

  • Development of mathematical theory of practical stability, structural and parametric optimization.
  • Investigation of stability of differential equations by Lyapunov functions method.
  • Stabilization of control systems.
  • Development of algorithms of dynamical systems identification.
  • Simulation and optimization of complex control systems.
  • Mathematical modeling of distributed space-time processes.
  • Development of mathematical methods and programs of data processing with incomplete information.
  • Optimal system design of charged particles acceleration.
  • Optimization and control of mechanical systems.
  • Methods of recognition.
  • Computer thematic cartography.



  • Address: 4d Academician Glushkov avenue, offices: 401, 404, 408-410, 412, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03187.
  • Phone: +38(044)259-02-37, +38(044)259-05-31
  • Web:
  • E-mail: kaf-mss [at]