Anatoly V. Anisimov

Head of the Department of Mathematical Informatics, Dean of the Cybernetics Faculty
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Science
Academic rank:
Professor, Correspondent-member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
№ 703
Research interests:
discrete mathematics, coding, computational linguistics, theory of computing, complexity of algorithms, data compression and data protection, cryptography, parallel algorithms and programming, quantum computers and quantum computations, recursive transformers of information, neurocomputing, artificial intelligence.

Academic awards:

  • Ukrainian Academy of Sciences Prize by V.M. Clushkov for the developing theory of recursive information transformers, 1994
  • Ukrainian State Prize for the developing a class of intellectual microprosessing automated working places, 1998
  • Honored Scientist of Ukraine, 2005
  • Honored professor of the Kiev National University by Taras Shevchenko, 2008
  • Ukrainian Academy of Sciences Prize by S. Lebedev for the developing information technologies for computer data analysis of the nondeterministic nature, 2008
  • Order of Merit (Ukraine), 2009